Thoughts of a Foodie ~ I still love to eat out!

So even though I love to cook, I still love when Barry and I can go out to eat. And tonight we are going back to the Bluestone Grill, a marvelous place I wrote about before Christmas.  This time we are taking our friend Mark with us. We are pretty excited to show our hidden treasure to our friend who, because he lives most of the time in the Village, has access to culinary delights every direction he turns. For us, and perhaps because we don’t have that advantage, the discovery of a delightful place with amazing food… well. It’s magic.

We have reservations, something I seldom do, and we can be assured that the evening will be lovely. The weekend weather looks rather “iffy” so I have plans (who me?) to make homemade pizza, work on some Dutch oven chicken, do some baking for Barry and a few others… All will keep Barry happy and me busy! Sharing to come.

It has been a busy day so I must be brief. But I hope you have equally lovely plans. And whatever you do this week… ENJOY!