Hiatus over!

The holiday hiatus is over and I am back. In the spirit of honesty, this was a month of trials and struggles, but that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right!?

I reflect on the holiday week and am excited at the success all around. Gifts were abundant, food and libations well planned and delicious, and love & joy among family, well… priceless.

Since then, I have been even more economical in my grocery shopping. I have also taken lessons from my friend, Cat. You can find her as Saving Green, sharing her wisdom on coupons and savings at http://mommacat06.wordpress.com/.

I am a great proponent of the planned leftover. Although I am cooking for two, I often cook for 6 or 8… and put the leftovers away for other days. Planning those meals – especially on a weekend – can make the week go smoothly. For example, I make a chicken and broccoli mac and cheese. Well, I made it last week, and when life had us on the go, I froze it. Now I can take it out when things slow down, and it will be dinner for two nights.

Yesterday we went grocery shopping. As promised, I made comfort meal 101 for super bowl dinner… grilled cheese and tomato soup. Not a go to meal in this house, Barry was in heaven! Tonight a plan of making taco salad. The chicken mac and cheese awaits…

Barry had a snow day this month. As he was enjoying the day I began my “puttering’ in the kitchen. This included getting fruit ready for making fruit cake cookies and putting chicken in the dutch oven to prepare for many recipes to come. Barry watched me keenly and asked if it was a typical day in the kitchen, to which I smiled and nodded. Planning ahead makes meals better and less stressful.

I have also been playing with pizzas this month. Even with store bought crust, there is a world of deliciousness that can go on top. Barry is a traditionalist. He likes sauce, pepperoni and cheese. I make my buttery marinara and use it for this. I make white pizza for me. Usually this includes shredded fontina topped with a veggie and then a creamy cheese like feta, goat cheese, or Gorgonzola.

So, I hope the holidays were filled with joy and peace for you as they were for me. It’s nice to be back. Happy February!

To come will be setting the stage for a romantic Valentine’s Day meal… staying in!

Until next time, I wish you peace. Enjoy!