Weathering the storm… Oh Sandy!

I live on the east coast and we mercifully survived Sandy with little inconvenience. We were prepared for the worst, and praying for the best. We have some friends and family suffering inconvenience and I am keeping close contact.

Before the storm we gave thought to light, safety, and of course, food and water. We took these precautions:

  • Bought a few bottles of water — but put away some extra water in pitchers — all for drinking
  • We have a standing freezer in the basement — we plugged it in and filled jugs of water to make ice — if needed, the ice would have been used in the fridge to keep food fresh should we have lost power
  • Stored up ice from our ice maker — this would have been used for drinking later as well
  • This is the perfect time for planned leftovers! I made a pot of chili — we have a burner on the grill, which Barry put in the garage so he could have gone out to warm a small pot as needed
  • Made quinoa salad — can be eaten cool, room temp, or warmed up which I did last night
  • Bought breads and deli meat for quick sandwiches
  • Had cookies and snacks ready ~ for Barry 😉
  • Assembled and checked our flashlights and batteries
  • Put candles and matches/lighters in the rooms we would be using
  • Closed off rooms we didn’t need and kicked up the heat to warm the living/sleeping space when lights started flickering
  • Cleared the yard of light objects that could blow away
  • Put the grill in the garage

So we were as ready as we could be. And though the night was harsh, we were safe and warm. We have an attic bedroom, so we chose to sleep downstairs in the guest bedroom in the event of fallen trees. We didn’t want to be so close under the roof!

I have a few suggestions for foods (of course) that you can make and store in advance of a storm, or make and eat after that will require little effort and will be substantial.

Quinoa Salad ~ I made my quinoa with veggie broth, as always. And I added slivered almonds and dried cranberries. Delicious cold, room temp, or warmed up again. Last night I added shredded cheese and just heated it in the microwave just until the cheese was melted. Quinoa offers substance, protein, and low carbs.

Carrot Salad ~ One of the easiest and most delicious salads I make. People who don’t like carrots, like this salad. It is literally just carrots, raisins and mayonnaise. Shred the carrots, add raisins and put some mayonnaise on and mix. Go very easy on the mayo. Unlike a pasta or potato salad which will absorb the mayo, fresh raw carrots do not. It needs very little. With Barry’s sweet tooth I use dried cranberries (in lieu of raisins) in this too. Hey, if it gets him to eat carrots, that’s ok! I will be talking about carrots in a Lil’ Nosh segment soon and will show this salad again.

Tortellini Salad ~ Boil up a pound of cheese tortellini, but cook it al dente – you don’t want it too mushy or sloppy. Drain a small can of black pitted olives and pour it over the tortellini. Now put about 1/4 cup of frozen peas in the mix. Yup, frozen! Cover the whole mix with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Mix and chill. Yum! So tasty, and so healthy. And tastes yummy cold, room temperature, or actually while still warm when you make it!

With these 3 salads handy, you would be in great shape for days of good eating.

I hope you and yours are safe and warm. When the world around me returns to normal, I will go to the market and spend a lot of time getting fresh produce! In the meanwhile, we are grateful to be safe, warm, and well fed.

Be well. Be safe.