Preparing that Special Meal ~ Part Three: The Finishing Touches!

So the food is well on it’s way. Now for the finishing touches. I am going to set the dining room table for dinner. We seldom eat there, and never just us two. So that alone will make it special! A red table cloth, china, and candles will set the tone. There is a smooth jazz channel on our cable, my fav, and it will keep continuous music playing in the background.

the table

I did promise chocolate martinis. So here is a little fun tip… melt some chocolate chips and dip the rim of the glasses in it. Put them in the fridge so the glasses will be chilled for the martini AND every sip puts your mouth in a little bit of extra chocolate. So after Part One, Tammy says, “so basically, you’re giving dad diabetes for Valentine’s Day”. LOL Why yes, yes I am I replied!!! This tip ought to put us right over the top!

I don’t have martini glasses. Tammy is too far away to borrow hers. So the glasses I have chosen are a set of imported Irish crystal with Claddaghs on them. Barry gave these to me as a gift years ago. So appropriate. Of course there are his and hers . . . his has MORE chocolate! LOL DSCN1421

Chips in a double boiler. This is the recipe! Then dip the glasses . . .

over the top

Now don’t waste that chocolate! Spread over the shiny back of freezer paper in the shape of a heart and put in the fridge. Silly, but you will have a candy heart instead of wasted chocolate.

don't waste the chocolate

Now, for a last preparation that is SUPER SIMPLE yet seems elegant . . . flavored water. I used lemon and lime slices. And though it may be hard to read, it is a pitcher with our name etched. Nice, huh?

sassy water

Yes, I call it SASSY WATER.

Well, my meal is coming together nicely. And this, folks, is where the sharing ends. I hope your meal is as special as ours will be. And as always . . . enjoy! ❤