Success! And a simple endeavor for today. . .

Last night’s meal was an absolute success. Barry ate bite after bite claiming there was no way he could decide which part of the meal he liked best. He brought me one simple flower…so elegant and so perfect. He gave me one card, but left others in places he knew I would find shortly. And I did!

LOVEI have to tell you that he LOVED the chocolate rim on the martini glass. And a simple recipe was so delicious. The dessert … well it was the best story of the evening. He took one bite, put his spoon down and threw back his head and laughed. SO RICH!! SO SWEET! ❤

We have tons of leftovers. There is plenty of ham, though he ate ALL of the pineapple gravy! And there are green beans and broccoli for another meal. I planned the potatoes nicely, as they are gone. He was grabbing them to nibble before we even sat down.

All in all, a wonderful evening!

So, today I am pooped. I am getting the china cleaned and put away. The crystal needed special care to hand wash.

My only event for today is making Cauliflower pizza crust, which is currently in the oven and smelling great.


  • cauliflower ~ riced, 1 cup
  • 1 egg
  • cheddar cheese ~ shredded, 1 cup

Let’s talk a second about ricing your cauliflower. You cut the florets off of the head and put them in your food processor. (You know I use my Ninja.) Process until the cauliflower looks like rice. Voila! This can be cooked and served as a side dish in lieu of rice. It also is the first ingredient needed for the pizza crust.

ready for the ovenHere is the crust ready for the oven.

You literally mix the ingredients, press it onto a WELL GREASED sheet or pizza pan. Add flavor here. I sprinkled with my fav four – basil, oregano, parsley and dill. Use what YOU like. Bake at 450 for 12 – 15 minutes. Remove from the oven, put on your toppings, put back in 6 – 8 minutes to melt the cheese and warm the toppings.

Now this is my first time making this and I will undoubtedly work at making it better, but YUM! And I only put cheese on top! I wanted to taste the crust itself.

Pizza made from cauliflowerYummy pizza fresh from the oven!

Ok, I am done for today. I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day and hope your weekend brings you joy! Me? I think I need a nap… but first, maybe a little more of that pizza…