Sweet corn and a two soup day

So yesterday I spent a great deal of time in the kitchen. I call it puttering. Among my other kitchen accomplishments I froze two bags of corn for the holidays. Freezing corn is so simple. I read a number of sites and suggestions and went with what seemed simple and sensible.

Here goes…. Shuck the ears of corn. Get all of the silk. No one wants to eat corn off the cob and get silk in their teeth! Put it in your best corn pot, cover with water, and boil for 3-7 minutes. I chose 5! After it is boiled, you have to shock it in ice water for the same number of minutes as you boiled it. Longer is fine, but no less. You can prepare a big bowl of water and ice, and at first I did. Then I thought, if I take the pot to the sink, run cold water in the pot until it cools and throw ice in there, it is easier. And I am always looking for easier. LOL


Now I will give you another trick that I saw a number of chefs do and it works like a charm. To cut the kernels off the cob, and not make a huge mess, put a small bowl upside down inside a large bowl….


Now use the small bowl to steady the ear and cut the kernels off as close as you can to get all of the deliciousness, but not so close to get hard pieces of cob….


When you are done, take the small bowl out and break the kernels apart….



Put the corn into freezer bags. Mark them with the contents and date.

Everything I read says that without blanching (boiling and shocking) the corn should stay fresh for 6 months. With blanching you can go 8-10. Frankly, I have frozen about a dozen bags of corn, and we have already eaten two, and I pulled one out today to use in soup…. So if I still have some left for the holidays I will be happy. And that is only three months away.

Phew! Now go freeze some corn and stop buying processed stuff!!! LOL

I made not one, but two pots of soup today. What better way to usher in the fall!? I made a yummy 15 bean soup and beef vegetable. Barry had the bean soup for dinner. He had seconds, so it’s a keeper.

I don’t think there are many soups he won’t eat, but he LOVES beans…all kinds. So bean soup is always a hit for him.

So we will talk more about soups, but I am tired. My kitchen is cleaned up, the soups cooled and put away, and lunch made for tomorrow. Time to put my feet up and ….. Enjoy!


Finding Balance

Finding balance may be easy for some, but for me it is sometimes a challenge and the journey is always interesting. As things change in your life, as you encounter new obstacles, it is best to pause and consider…something I do often. Reflection is always better than abrupt lifestyle change.

And so I did what I have always done: plan, plan, plan!! So much of what I already do was perfect for my current circumstance, that being ‘medicinal eating.’ LOL The same preparations that come from that planning have gotten me through the worst of the adjustment with little effort. Again, I had to tone down the seasonings, herbs, and spices in my food, but the basic premise of planning ahead and planned leftovers has worked marvelously. One thing…


Aahhh…that’s better…not really, but it was nice of you all to let me share.

The key to any change has always been the same for me. Make changes wisely. Make changes thoughtfully. Make changes you can live with, not just temporary diets. Though my doctor will undoubtedly makes a few minor tweaks when I see him again in a month, the changes I am making are comfortable and doable. And when I am back to eating three times a day, that will be gradual. And adding the flavors I have come to love back into my cooking will be gradual too.

When the healing has taken place, we had a discussion of building up the stomach wall again to ‘tolerate’ spices, coffee, and so on. So I know that my flavor seeking days are only postponed and not denied. I did find in the midst of this that I had gradually altered my husband’s palate, an accomplishment which makes me quite proud. He loved the hot chilis in the North African eggs, where before he would have set the plate aside. He ordered a soup when we went out last week… it was a chicken tortilla soup…. spicy though he denied that it was! {wink} I am happy for him to be ignorant of what I have done to him.

Well, my thoughts for today… I have to go make Barry more of his favorite apple bread. We have added raisins to it now! The fridge and freezer have ample planned leftovers at the ready to make dinner for the week. Planning ahead and cooking ahead are the way I live. You should try it and always be able to enjoy!


Finding Balance ~ Eat well. Food heals.

So I have been on and off for a couple of weeks because I have been struggling to discover the reason I was having ‘tummy trouble.’  This is the kiss of death to a foodie! LOL!!

Three visits to the doctor, one to the ER, a dozen tests, and one final face to face with my beloved gastric specialist, and I have an answer and a cure. It is nothing drastic! Fear not. But it is something that must be attended to. So I have some medicine in pill form. And though I told the doctor I had all but stopped eating because it hurt to eat, he said his other prescription was food.

Food! I have to eat six small meals a day. And I need to add back some carbs for acid absorption.



I think.

And my research began again. I looked for foods I can eat that are healthy, easy on the stomach, and have some, but not a lot of carbs! I found that what I already eat is good, with some adjustments to the herbs, spices, and seasonings.

I love cracked black pepper. For a while, this has to go. And garlic powder is a no-no.

Boyfriend’s AMAZING North African eggs (thank you Gordon Ramsay) with their hot chili peppers…. they have to wait too.

But my favorites are ok.

Dinner last night was Dutch oven pork tenderloin and apples. Delish and will make great pulled pork sammies tonight and tomorrow for Barry…he can have the BBQ sauce!  There is chicken in the Dutch oven today and quinoa with veggie broth on the stove. I hard boiled eggs to eat ~ and make egg salad. Edamame in the freezer. Yum! As I think about flavor I need to think gentle.

In the middle of all of this, there was also a dip in my potassium. The ER pumped me with an IV of it, and sent me home with a prescription. I looked up potassium rich foods and when I spoke to the gastric specialist I said I actually eat a potassium rich diet. He challenged me a little (with a grin) and said, oh yeah!? What foods would that be? Kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, avocados, salmon…. and on and on. I ticked off the list and he smiled. No potassium supplement. Eat well. Food heals.

I was concerned that eating all day was going to be a weight issue. I have to say I am surprised by two things. One, I am tired of eating LOL! Two, I have lost 4 pounds eating ‘medicinally.’

So, remember as you search for recipes and for flavors, food is healing too. Listen to your body and then find the answers in food…but the right foods. All the more important to eat healthy, and eat fresh.

I have to go tend to my kitchen. We’ll talk more…. meanwhile, go enjoy!