Food is Love….. Food is Love…..

Good friends of ours lost a niece the other day….so very young, so tragic. G flew south to be with his sister, and J is here feeling sad and wishing there was something to do. We felt the same. So we invited J to come have dinner after work. She works too hard…long hours and then comes home and does sub calling for not one, but two school districts. We wanted her to have the chance to sit and eat a meal without having to fix it or clean up after it.

She came and I put out the makings of BLT sammies. Lovely bacon cooked in the oven, not in a pan. My friend Susan encouraged me to put parchment under the rack the bacon bakes on….clean up is a breeze. Lettuce was cleaned and dried, big beefy tomatoes sliced, and the bread was from the bakery at my local market, then sliced and lightly toasted. Mmmmmmm…….

To complete the comfort food fest I also made mac and cheese and a farfalle with spinach and Alfredo…..a favorite of J’s. Just to add fresh and light to the table I cut up a pineapple and several oranges for a light fruit salad. Dinner was light, fun, and relaxing for our friend. But it didn’t end there…..

Earlier in the day I prepared food for J to take home. My goal was to make sure she at least got through to the weekend without having to cook so maybe she should get some rest!!!! Here is what she took home:

….. 3 single serve containers of tortellini salad
….. 3 single serve containers of macaroni salad with lots of tomatoes and peppers
….. 3 single serve containers of Mac and cheese
….. 3 single serve containers of farfalle with spinach Alfredo
….. In addition I gave her a container of the fruit and the leftover lettuce and tomatoes so she could chop it quick for a side salad

I did tease her that she was on her own for breakfast. LOL She couldn’t stay long, and we certainly understood, but she left full and satisfied, and knowing she was loved. Mission accomplished!

A picture of their westie on my hubby’s lap was texted to G I hopes it would make him smile….

Food is love people. When times are hard and you don’t know what to do, feed the person who is hurting. It is a small effort with a reward of great warmth. And always…. Enjoy!


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