Happy Fall!

I had a busy summer. Our Moose moved from Chicago to Silver Spring MD to finish her degree in DC. In between she spent a few weeks with us. It was a good visit as we got the chance to know our daughter as a blossoming woman.

Moose turned 25 while home and we celebrated by taking her on a wine tour….something she had dreamed about for years but never had the chance to do. The best part was that we didn’t tell her a thing. The surprise was worth it. The trip was fabulous!

Having not posted for awhile, I put up some food pictures on my Facebook page and one of my nieces, Katie, asked me where my “fancy blog” went. I responded that I had been grumpy and writing while grumpy was bad….I was encouraged to do so. Art thought it would be amusing.

So call me the Grumpy Gourmet.

Summer is gone and today is the first day of fall. Seemed like a good day to write again. I am already in full fall food mode and I have started my Christmas planning and shopping. Our Moose and her significant other split up, but remained friends. Having only three kids to buy for, Boyfriend declared that the extra buying power should be thrown in his direction…. After all, he had catching up to do on Tammy and Moose. Well, all had trouble not laughing and agreeing.

So Katie girl….. I am back. And I am ramping up the soup season. I have also been to the farms and gotten so much deliciousness. Corn this summer has been AMAZING so I have been buying a lot and freezing it. I will show you how in the days that follow.

With Tammy in a new job, Boyfriend excelling in his masters while still working full time, and Moose incredibly happy in DC, it is hard to be grumpy about my continued unemployment. Almost.

I have realized something odd though. Happiness is a full pantry. With uncertainty comes trepidation. In these times I find comfort in a full pantry and fresh food on my counter.

We will talk some more this week. I thought I would take a few moments this morning over my Sunday morning coffee time to say…..


Back to my coffee and to……..enjoy!



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