Three day weekend!

Yesterday Moose arrived from Chicago. Actually, she had arrived and spent a night with a longtime friend. I received a message and flew out the door to bring her home. We stopped at the store and as soon as I walked in the door, I put food away and started cooking and baking simultaneously.

Moose had not had breakfast so she was starving by the time we got home at almost noon! I made her a quesadilla with about a pound of cheese. As she gobbled that and some of the scrumptious cucumber salad, I baked brownies with a bag of chocolate chips in them, and some of the fruit cake cookies which were ready to go in the fridge.

She had a hankering for black beans! So as she was eating lunch, I started on dinner. We have a hightop eating bar with two swivel chairs in our kitchen, so she ate and was good company.

For dinner I made a Moose quinoa fiesta salad and black bean quinoa burgers for Moose and me. Add some cucumber salad and it was a wonderful and nutritious meal. A pepperoni and sweet red pepper pizza for daddy was just the ticket.

In a few short hours home, Moose had a belly full of Momma food = a belly full of love.

Barry has a snow day today, which means a three day weekend with the Moose. Kenz is about two hours from arrival too. Life is good.


Tim to head to the kitchen. I do believe breakfast is in order. This will be a good weekend…. I hope you also ENJOY!


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