On being a flavor seeker…

Moose is on a train from Chicago to NY. She managed to get out ahead of the current snowstorm, Saturn, and is mere hours from her destination. She is visiting a friend first and then will come home tomorrow.

moose photo from Moose

Tammy is likely snowed in, though I have not heard from her today. I have to wonder if she is in the dark… power outages were expected in the DC metro area.

Saturn photo courtesy of The Weather Channel

Barry’s school robo-call came about an hour ago. After school activities are canceled today. Always interesting to me that they call staff members during the day when they are in school. {giggle} I have kept busy with some preparation for Moose to come home. And I am doing my thing, scouring the net for recipes. This time I am looking for lentils. I have a yen for them, and I think they would be great for Moose to try.

Remember there is cucumber salad setting in the fridge, and it is delicious. I will pick up cauliflower to make pizza crust early next week. Moose and Kenz made them last week and enjoyed them. Tomorrow will be pizza and salad. I have chicken in the cast iron goddess in the oven. Chicken salad, I think. And I made fruit cake cookies from the drunk fruit I assembled yesterday. They are rolled in parchment paper and tomorrow I will cut and bake them.

Barry and I had a great conversation last night about the change in my diet, and in his. I have to tell you that he made me laugh out loud. As much as he enjoys the food I prepare, now and then he gets a “hankering” for some processed something or another. Last night we were talking about vitamins and I reminded him that his D was low, not only because of the weather {no sun!!} but also because he doesn’t consume milk anymore. He used to eat raisin bran every morning for breakfast. No more. He got a very serious look on his face and said, “Well, I can’t help it! All this gourmet food you feed me, I can’t eat cereal anymore!” LOL 🙂 I “apologized” through my laughter.

When I think of the transition in our diet, I sometimes wonder if there are foods I would like to eat again…ones that are processed, or carb-laden. Truthfully, I do not. In fact, my two favorite snacks used to be M&Ms and ice cream. Now they are almonds and edamame. I seldom eat anything sweet anymore. I much prefer savory.

As I improve my cooking and baking, we have certainly developed new favorites. There are recurring foods, but I continue to strive to make each dish taste better each time I make it. And I work to find new tastes and flavors all of the time. As I look at lentil recipes, for example, I see flavor pairings that seem to be recurring themes. So these will be part of my lentil sidedish. Actually, I bought some salmon and it seems salmon on a bed of lentils will be an excellent flavor combination. There will be onion, garlic, and though I see a lot of thyme, I like dill with garlic. And then dill and lemon on the salmon will be delightful. Of course, I did see quite a few recipes with some bacon! 😉

I will make risotto for Moose, using veggie broth for her, of course. And I have saffron. As far as the other flavors, I will leave it to her what veggies we might throw in there. I would love asparagus, but I don’t think that is one of her favorites, so perhaps peas… and I see a lot of recipes with leeks in risotto… hmm…

So clearly, the main theme in my planning is flavor. Every meal I make now, I try to make sure that it is tasty. If you are going to eat something, it should taste good! Right? Even with the leftovers, I change them and add flavor so that the new meal I create with them is better than the last. Sauces, dips, herbs, and spices have all become more important and I attend to them with greater enthusiasm. Do you?

Remember that looking for great flavor takes planning, but planning out your meals ultimately fills you with fresh food, good food, and flavorful food. Just my thoughts…

So hey, my chicken smells like it needs to come out of the oven. Be a flavor seeker… and always, enjoy!



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