Thoughts of a Foodie ~ When planning is your best friend… and why.

Today I woke up and thought…GUH! I don’t feel well. Pfft. I got my first cup of coffee and while it was in the microwave (yup, I nuke the empty cup 30 seconds, then nuke the cup of coffee the same…perfection) I pulled out the soup pot and put chicken stock and 2 bay leaves in it… and I left the beginnings of chicken soup to simmer while I woke up and had that all important first cup. 😀

When I went in for cup number two I chopped 2 carrots and 2 stalks of celery (super small, as we like it!) and added that. I prepare my veggies when I come home from the market so they were cleaned and ready for chopping. Good planning, huh!? So now I have the beginnings of easy and delicious chicken soup. Perfect not only for a cold week, but for a funky day when it feels like I am fighting a cold.

I ran to the store for a few needed items. I certainly didn’t feel like fussing, so it was one of those rare times I snuck into the store in sweat clothes and big sunglasses… LOL. I got what I needed and am home again bundled up in a very warm homemade quilt, one my mother made when she was still alive. It offers warmth and comfort.
Momma's blanketMom’s Masterpiece

The soup stock is slowly simmering, and it will for hours. Later, I will cut up some chicken from yesterday’s Dutch oven chicken, another great plan. And of course, there will be small pasta, perhaps a ditalini. In the meantime, I made Moose Quinoa Fiesta Salad from the quinoa I made yesterday. By adding black beans, frozen corn, diced tomato, and chopped colorful sweet peppers, my quinoa becomes a most delicious treat. Feeling funky, though, I wanted warm. So, I warmed the quinoa salad 30 seconds, then added crumbled feta, and warmed again for 1 minute. YUMMO!!

So good planning has me in a good space, even with having an off day. There will be chicken soup for dinner (minimal effort), and there are three slices of last night’s pizza left. Barry will enjoy soup and pizza, while I have a cup of soup and maybe some more quinoa salad. I hope it is only an off day, but should I feel poorly in the coming few days, I will have chicken soup and there are also planned leftovers in the freezer. I made Barry beef lentil soup and there are two helpings frozen.

Here is the wonderful thing. As a person who works hard to eat well and eat fresh, it seems like I spend a lot of time thinking about food. I do. The better I think ahead, the better I plan, the better Barry and I eat ~ and the healthier! There were way too many times in the past when poor planning lead to poor eating. With a busy schedule and a stressful job, there was very little energy put into what I ate. Careless eating was bad for my waistline and my health.

Those days are gone. I enjoy planning ahead. I enjoy planning, shopping, and cooking good food. How about you!? Think about the things you eat. Plan ahead. You will find that it makes life easier, and more delicious!

I am going to go make a hot cup ot tea now. Please go do some planning. Consider it an investment in your future! As always, folks, enjoy! 😉



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