Thoughts of a Foodie ~ A new memory and plans for the week …

Oh My My! Friday’s meal at Bluestone Grill was no disappointment. Our friend Mark, who was there for the first time, let me order all of my favorites and we shared! It was a perfectly lovely meal. We were ready to go back on Saturday! LOL

B and MeI should have turned the camera on Mark, DARN! Next time…
The rest of the weekend was quiet and pleasant, I hope yours was too! 

Today I have chicken in the Dutch oven. I am making quinoa… red today! It is cooking now. And that pizza that kept getting postponed will be dinner tonight for Barry. It will be a classic with buttery marinara I made yesterday, LOTS of pepperoni, and cheese of course. I am thinking that the chicken in the oven may become chicken soup. The day is ugly and cold, and the week doesn’t really promise to become any better.

Barry has also been saying for a week now that his colleagues at work wonder if I am still baking, after sampling many a treat at the holidays. **Wink** So I am headed to the kitchen to make some yummy treats for Barry and his friends… 😉

My plan for the week is simple: Pizza will be dinner and leftovers. There will also be chicken noodle soup. I will have quinoa with some of the chicken, a few veggies and cheese.

It threatens to be a dismal weather week so I figure I won’t be out much until Friday. Warm, fresh, homemade food is just the ticket.

What’s your plan? Enjoy!!


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