Thoughts of a Foodie ~ Memories and Snowy Days…

It is snowy here and it brings me back to days gone by when the girls were little. Snow days are not the same now that they are grown up and on their own. As a two educator family, there was nothing better than a snow day when we all were home. First, we would bundle up and walk to a small local diner and get breakfast. The diner is a family place and the girls would get up on their knees on stools and watch Grandma make their food on the grill behind the counter. Tammy often told Grandma that she should teach me how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Thanks Tammy. Twenty years later I can actually make them and they aren’t soggy! LOL

Coming back the girls would bundle up in snow clothes and go sledding in the yard. Sometimes just the two of them, sometimes the neighbors, and sometimes the other neighbor’s grandsons. Whoever showed up, they always had fun. And when they came in from the cold, there was soup and hot chocolate. Nowadays I make my soup from scratch now, but the soup of the day in a snowstorm was “ABCD Soup.”  HUH!? You heard me, ABCD Soup.

In my cupboard when the girls were little, there was always a supply of Lipton Ring-O-Noodle Soup and alphabet pasta. I would make a large pot – using both packets in the box – and add lots of extra ABC noodles. Moose was the one who dubbed it “ABCD Soup.”


The girls still enjoy it now and then. And when they come for a visit, I always have it on hand, just in case. I bet Saving Green could find me awesome coupons and deals on it!

Tammy, in particular, still eats this as ‘comfort food’ when she gets sick. She currently has a cold, poor girl, and this weekend when it struck, Boyfriend went out and bought her three things: tissues, Double Stuf Oreos, and ABCD Soup! Such a good Boyfriend, she only asked for the tissues, but he knew…

Tammy's needs

On Monday, Tammy was home. We did a video chat and I watched her make and eat that soup. As she picked up the bowl and drank the last sips, I couldn’t help but smile. Memories are sweet… and sometimes they are even tasty.

What memories have you made? What memories are you making now?

I hope when you remember, you enjoy… 😉


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