Thoughts of a Foodie ~ Finger Food Night!

On Saturday we were out and about early. We had breakfast out, one of our favorite things to do. Then we arrived home in the afternoon and puttered, as one is wont to do on a Saturday afternoon. When dinnertime came, I had leftovers and offered to make them. Barry said he wasn’t up for a big sit-down meal. He was ‘feeling’ finger food. Hmm… I asked, any requests? Cheese and crackers maybe?

Here is what finger foods meant on a Saturday night in our house. Looking in the fridge quickly, I found a number of good ideas. I love having good food at my fingertips! (Pun intended!)

  • Edamame – perfectly steamed and salted
  • Cracker sized cheese ~ just two. I had more, but didn’t overdo… just a sharp and a mild. That night it was Monterey Jack and cheddar. And I cut it. Don’t buy pre-cut, it is so expensive!
  • Bite sized pieces of ham ~ from our Valentine’s meal!
  • Crackers – just one, our favorite, Rosemary and oil Triscuits
  • Finger sized bites of sweet peppers – a bag of red, yellow, and orange peppers added a festive look to my platter

Now when most people think finger foods, they think mozzarella sticks and other heavy fatty appetizers. Not in our house. And from one evening to another there will be variations. There is always edamame ready to go in my freezer. The rest depends on what I have picked up at the market. Cheeses are on sale around holidays and the expiration dates are usually months away. So I buy when I find them on sale, knowing they will either become a finger food night treat, or I will shred them into a cheese sauce. Never wasted!

As far as the other items on the platter… go look in your fridge and ask yourself what you could put out on your platter. Barry is a pepper fanatic so fresh peppers are always in the fridge. I like the sweet colorful ones, so when I can I buy those in lieu of green. What a lovely addition this made to the platter. They will also adorn a homemade pizza before week’s end.

Plan! Plan! Plan! If you have fresh and delicious food on hand, you will always have good things to eat, even when they aren’t planned! 😉

Finger food night and wine!

Try a finger food night with someone you love. Uncork a bottle of wine… and ENJOY!


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