Planning leftovers…and sometimes just being creative…

Last night we had the leftovers from Valentine’s Day. Though I did have to make more pineapple gravy. In lieu of potatoes there was cauliflower mash, but with all of the broccoli,  green beans, and pineapple gravy on the ham, who needed it? So now I have ham left and I have a half bag of red potatoes I bought at the market. AH HA! A casserole I have not made for some time. I am going to make a potato and ham casserole with cheddar cheese sauce for Barry. For me there will be lighter fare.

So I have my list for the store and I will make this delightful dish later. It is hearty and warm and today will be perfect for it. Barry has a meeting after school, and he is tutoring a homebound student so he will be home late and very tired. Comfort food will be exactly what the doctor ordered. I have chicken breast from the freezer (remember from about a week and a half ago) and that is thawing for my dinner.

It really is all about planning and being frugal. It is also about not wasting the leftovers. The casserole I will make tonight will be big enough for four servings, or three hungry man servings! LOL So Barry will enjoy it tonight and the next two. If it was not potatoes, I would freeze half. Take my word for it, potatoes do not freeze well. They get a funky consistency when they thaw. OK, hardheads, if you don’t believe me, freeze a little of something with potatoes in it and see. Yuck.

I have to go to the store, but I will probably be back later and show you the casserole. I also have thoughts to share about some finger foods we ate over the weekend.

See you later! So much to enjoy!!


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