A cooking kind of day… Comfort food…

I ran to the store and did a few errands this morning. Right on cue, the snow I heard about arrived. It started snowing around 12:30 and I went to work. Barry loves his apple bread. I make it A LOT and always put walnuts in as well.  You can find this recipe in my previous post of September 12, 2012 https://neatnosh.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/flavors-of-fall-lets-talk-apple/?preview=true&preview_id=136&preview_nonce=8ddc9fd8be .

APPLE BREADIn addition to that, I put together a casserole for Barry with some of the ham and potatoes left from our special dinner. Red potatoes sliced very thin, small ham chunks and cheese sauce from a simple bechamel layer into a delicious meal he loves.

I grease the pan and then slather a little cheese sauce (below) on the bottom… one layer of potatoes, a little salt, cheese sauce, ham… now do it again. You can make as much or a little as you like. This was just for Barry, not an army, so I used two very thinly sliced potatoes for each layer, and a handful of ham chunks. All up to you.

That went into a 350 oven about 40 minutes ago. It is a forgiving dish, so i will pull it out and when Barry calls that he is on the way home, I will sprinkle shredded cheddar on top and put it back in the oven to melt that. In the oven with that is a dish of Brussels sprouts with oil, salt, pepper, dill, and garlic powder.

DINNER!!!While all of that was cooking, I made my quick chicken salad with chicken breast I had frozen from my Dutch oven baking on February 7, 2013. https://neatnosh.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/more-chicken-goodness/ This time I added pecans instead of cucumber. I like to change it up!  So Barry will enjoy casserole and apple bread. I will have chicken salad and Brussels sprouts!

The buzzer just went off and I took out the casserole. I gave the sprouts center stage for ten minutes to finish roasting them. When Barry calls, it is a 20 minute drive so I will put shredded cheddar on top, and put the pan back in the oven to let it melt, and for Barry, to brown.

BrownedLook how delicious that looks! And it isn’t even done yet!!

If you haven’t made cheese sauce I promise it is easy. A simple bechamel sauce and then add the cheese to melt. Heat a medium sauce pan over medium heat. Add butter and melt, then add flour (equal parts). I add some paprika and whisk together over heat until roux bubbles then cook a minute more. Next I whisk in milk and sprinkle with a little dry mustard and a pinch of nutmeg. Raise the heat a little to bring sauce to a quick boil. Simmer sauce to thicken about 5 minutes. When the bechamel is ready you can add cheese and melt it in. YUM!!

Once you master a good bechamel it is a handy beginning to many sauces. In a recipe with chicken, broccoli and pasta, I may add stock to the sauce too.

Ok, well, I just cleaned the sidewalk and the parking spot of snow for Barry. My Brussels sprouts are warm (and cheesy!) so I am going to eat them and wait for Barry to get home!


Be safe out there all! AND ENJOY!!


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