A Very Special Meal for a Very Special Day!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I am happy to say I am ready. With planned leftovers of beef lentil soup last night and tonight, I had time to plan a lovely stay in meal. Last year I made filet mignon with gorgonzola. I was thinking steak first until I remembered that and then thought… Barry’s favorite meat is pig. He eats a ham sandwich EVERY DAY for lunch, and he has for the 30 years we have been married. He never gets sick of it. Holidays I make ham, not turkey. And he eats bacon as often as I will make it. Pig it is. LOL

So I looked for recipes for sauces to complement the ham and decided on pineapple. I bought a small butterball ham. It will feed us both and still leave leftovers. I was out running errands yesterday and found lovely produce at a local indoor farmer’s market. So there will be fresh goodness. And I am making a crazy decadent dessert with chocolate and peanut butter. I even picked up creme de cacao to make chocolate martinis!!

So here is the menu:

  • Ham with pineapple sauce
  • Roasted red potatoes with a honey mustard coating
  • Steamed fresh broccoli
  • Sauteed fresh green beans with onions and almonds
  • No bake PB chocolate decadence
  • Chocolate martinis

pretty china closet

The china closet gets cleaned out and everything washed right before Christmas each year, so the china is ready for use. It was my great aunt’s and though it is blue in my very earth tone home, it is special. Dinner will be set up in the dining room with the best of china, crystal, and flatware. I have my great aunt’s silver too. (Better go check to see if it needs polishing!)


Remember that dining out is always fun, but staying in and putting on the dog for a special day is very romantic. Tomorrow I will share recipes and pictures … especially the no bake dessert.

Now where are those candles? . . .

So what do you have planned!? Whatever it is I hope it is memorable.  Enjoy!!



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