More chicken goodness – Chicken Salad!

I came home from an appointment this morning and eagerly went to the fridge knowing my Dutch oven chicken was waiting… already shredded. I made a quick chicken salad I am going to share.

In a bowl (…in my eagerness, one that was almost too small!) I mixed 2 large dollops of mayo, a heavy pinch of salt, a few grinds of the pepper mill, a heavy shake of garlic powder (better in the salad because you get the flavor without the pieces) and a heavy handed shake of dill. Mix well. Taste a little of course, because now is the time to add a little of anything you might want. Then add the shredded chicken. I had about a cup or so. Then I chopped up about a third of an English cucumber and put that in for crunch. Finally, I added a handful of dried cranberries for chewy sweetness. Mix together and YUM!


add cukes

add craisins


I was talking to Tammy about the impending storm, Nemo, and I said, “Well, my grocery shopping is done!” Then I had to laugh and say, “Sorry, you know with the blog everything revolves around food!” LOL But I confess I did prepare so that I am ready if we are snowed in a day or two. I have the makings for pizzas and that lentil soup I have been talking about. I am also giving Barry another day or two to relent and admit he is happy with whatever I make for your romantic dinner on the 14th. 😉

I must also tell you I came across something on a FB friend’s page that I am really excited about and will be making next week… Cauliflower Pizza Crust! I know, imagine that! No flour, very few ingredients, and LOW carb/HIGH protein. Winner! We shall explore that next week. And I promise to share!!

Meanwhile, today’s portion of the chicken salad is gone…ALL GONE

… but there is another half of the salad for planned leftovers tomorrow! 😉

See you back here tomorrow! Meanwhile… enjoy!


4 thoughts on “More chicken goodness – Chicken Salad!

  1. Never thought of putting dried cranberries in it, but that looks delish! Will definitely be trying it! I use Hellman’s low-fat mayo so I save on the fat and calories a bit more. Took a bit of convincing to get hubby to agree to switch since he was a die hard regular mayo fan, but after he had heard reports, he went to the Olive Oil kind on his own. It didn’t take long from that point. 🙂

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