I am always thinking and planning ahead when it comes to food. If I don’t I am in great danger of eating badly… really badly. I used to be able to eat my way through any day with only carbs… but you know I am a carb addict so I digress.

I must admit that for all of my cooking and baking and healthy endeavors, my skinny husband likes his comfort food. This has been a bonanza week for him! I not only made him grilled cheese and tomato soup, but also chicken soup and BLTs last night! And tonight there are planned leftovers of chicken and broccoli mac & cheese.

For me though, there is lighter fare. I slow roasted chicken breasts in the Dutch over the other day. This yummy meat makes many meals for me. Some of the tender goodness is in the freezer. Some of it made chicken salad which I enjoyed yesterday. And today there will be cream chicken and peas with cole slaw on the side. Cole slaw. In the winter. There I go again advocating summer salads! LOL

It’s the slaw I will share today. There are so many recipes for cole slaw, but for me there is one thing you won’t find in it ~ vinegar. Barry and I really like a good slaw, but with a creamy, sweeter dressing. So today I am using:

  • nappa cabbage ~ one small head chopped
  • red cabbage ~ 1/2 of one small head chopped
  • carrots ~ one large, shredded
  • pine nuts ~ 1/4 to 1/2 cup, lightly toasted in a dry pan
  • dried cranberries ~ about 1/2 cup

…and for the creamy dressing:

  • Greek yogurt ~ one small container
  • mayonnaise ~ equal to the yogurt
  • sour cream ~ 2 tblsp
  • honey or maple syrup ~ 1 tblsp
  • minced garlic ~ 1 clove 
  • kosher salt ~ 2 healthy pinches
  • dill (optional for you, but not me!) ~ 1 tsp
  • lemon pepper ~ 1 tsp

I know most recipes call for two bowls, and then mix together. Call me lazy, but if you make the dressing in the bottom of the bowl and then throw in the other ingredients, it tastes the same! So, put the creamy dressing ingredients in the bowl and whisk. Taste a little, then if there is something ‘off’, add a little more. Note: the honey or maple syrup is a taste preference. I used maple syrup this time. It makes it richer and warmer. In the summer, I would likely go for the honey, or even clear agave.


Meanwhile, I will tell you that I have asked Barry what he wants for our Valentine dinner. He will consider it for a few days and then tell me he will love whatever I make! LOL! I am also ready to make beef lentil soup and will share that with you shortly… What are YOU planning!? Whatever it is….enjoy!


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