Winter time spread

Winter in the northeast is cold. Alert the media! And here in the Catskills, we experience winter. I am amused to tell you that I was just interrupted by a hotel chain offering me a grand vacation to Florida or Vegas! Sigh. Both sound nice, but honestly, I like the snow.

Now when I say winter time spread, maybe you thought I was talking about a buffet. Nope. I am talking about your waistline. And your hind quarters. They are the likely suspects to spread! So in the thick of winter, let’s talk about lighter eating. In a time when comfort food is king, I propose we pull out a favorite summer salad at least once a week and make it the meal of choice.

Here is the thing. If you take time on Sundays to plan leftovers for the week… a hearty soup, a lasagna, or even your favorite one pot wonder ~ a casserole or stew … then make a simple meal that night of a salad. So while others are advocating meatless Monday, again I propose Salad Sunday.

Why not eat what you make on Sunday? Well, we all know that soups, stews, and anything with marinara will taste so much better on day two! So make your lovely meal for the week, then put it away in meal sized containers. You may even want to freeze some if you know you won’t need it for a few days. Then make a light and simple salad for dinner. Go easy on yourself. Go light on your waist. A prelude to the week of comfort food, this is a taste good and feel good plan.

Plan ahead for the week by prepping on the weekend. Plan now for the cooking you want to do this weekend so you can shop ahead! I am doing my thing with finding flavors to build around lentils. We are in a legume mood! LOL! So I bought lentils. Barry wants beef with it. I have that in the freezer. And I am reading dozens of recipes to create a beef lentil soup that caters to Barry’s palate. As soon as I am sure what I need, a trip to the store and I am ready to go.

Give this some thought. Plan your planned leftovers, and then plan a light salad. Get ready for the weekend. Oh, and don’t forget Valentine’s Day is next week! Have you planned your special meal?

Meanwhile, try a homemade white pizza. Use pizza crust, shred fontina all over, blanch some broccoli, and cover with a creamy white cheese like goat cheese, or add bite with Gorgonzola or blue cheese. Enjoy!


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