Christmas is coming… the Goose is getting fat…

So much to do… I have been hopping all week. I have made dozens of cookies… 80 chocolate chip cookie bars alone went to school with Barry today for his kids… and at the last minute, I melted a bag of chocolate chips and dipped pretzel sticks in it…and dried them out. Barry said the kids gobbled them up.

The cookies are made, the presents are almost wrapped. I am almost done shopping. Tomorrow there will be produce… and eggs. I am watching Barry right now… he is doing some wrapping for me…

I can’t begin to tell you the joy that Christmas brings. My girls have found this joy… this Christmas, Tammy in particular. She is infectious! She and Mike come tomorrow… and there will be love, laughs, and much delicious food!

I am planning to do my best over the holiday to share…. though I imagine my sharings will be brief.

I wish you love.

I wish you peace.

I wish you joy.

I wish you laughter.



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