Flavor Seeker ~ The joys of a dutch oven

I have long wanted a cast iron Dutch oven. They can be costly though, and I never put the money out to get one. This Thanksgiving in Rochester, my hostess gave me a gift. Kay loves hunting yard sales, estate sales, and the like. And she found and gifted me a perfect cast iron Dutch oven.

I had no idea the difference that using this “pot” would make. Let me talk about two notable recent meals. Moose and Kenz were in for a visit last week. I had found a big beautiful pork roast on sale and froze it for their visit. Kenz is a carnivore and since Moose is not, I like to make sure when they visit that Kenz gets MEAT! LOL

The pork was divine. The meat fell off the bone. The juices made a perfect gravy. It was amazing.

Yesterday while I was baking dozens and dozens of cookies, I wanted to make sure dinner was taken care of as well. You know I loved to plan, and have planned leftovers. I was making chicken as the main ingredient so I figured while I was making my cookies, I would put the chicken in the Dutch oven. I used bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts. I seared the skin first. Then I added stock, and some carrots and celery for flavor.

Then I went about my baking. In the afternoon, I took the chicken out to make my mac and cheese with chicken and broccoli. The chicken was nothing short of amazing. I watch for rotisserie chicken on sale because they are so tender… those have nothing on this! The chicken I took from the Dutch oven was tender, flavorful, and delicious. Just delicious.

Now I have to find a cast iron frying pan…




2 thoughts on “Flavor Seeker ~ The joys of a dutch oven

  1. I grew up using cast iron – it is wonderful – worth the investment. Season properly and they are with you for years. We even use our dutch oven camping, making roasts or venison with gravy in the coals of a fire! Cooking with cast iron is an art, have fun and I hope you find a nice frying pan πŸ™‚

    • Aww… Thank you so much! I am just beginning to appreciate the amazing flavors. When we were in Rochester for Thanksgiving I made bacon for breakfast in their cast iron pan. My hubby was crazy about it. He kept asking, where did you get that bacon? Can we get it at home? I had to tell him I brought the same bacon from home… It was about the pan!! I look forward to having one of my own! πŸ˜€

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