Thoughts of a Foodie… the promised recipe… and back to planning…

As promised on Friday, there were double chocolate shortbread cookies made in my house this weekend. The recipe came from this blog  which I found through HuffPost Taste on Facebook ~ Some recipes should not be altered. This and many others can be found and made now that you have the original!

I must tell you that my Christmas spirit was temporarily impacted by the recent school shooting. I am an educator and proud of my profession. I am married to a teacher of 37 years. He is my inspiration and my life… my hero. My nephew lives in Newtown and I know that though he and his wife are still holding their little one tightly and safely at home, the event will leave an indelible mark.

And so I am gingerly working to recapture my spirit, with gentle carols playing, dinner in the dutch oven, cookies to bake and gifts to start wrapping. I promise to do some more sharing later. For now… count your blessings, hug your loved ones, and as always… Enjoy!

Presents Galore!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Foodie… the promised recipe… and back to planning…

  1. It was such a tragic event and definitely stole the Christmas spirit from so many of us. I cried so much over the weekend and hugged my children tight. I thanked God for them and for always keeping them safe when I’m not with them to protect them. I then prayed for those who lost their precious babies and their friends and families. I don’t know how they will ever move past this, but I know God will be there to comfort them.

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