Flavor Seeker ~ When we do go out to eat….Bluestone Grill

Bluestone Grill, Hancock, NY

Bluestone Grill, Hancock, NY {Photo courtesy of Bluestone Grill on Facebook}

When I do go out to eat, I look for a place with flavor. Barry laughs when I eat such delicious food that I make moaning noises…LOL… The nearby place that makes me do that without exception is the Bluestone Grill http://www.bluestonegrill.com/ in Hancock, NY. This little place is tucked away in a small town and offers such BIG flavor. The reason for this is chef, Susan Alper. If you live in a reasonable distance from Hancock, this lovely place https://www.facebook.com/BlueGrill?fref=ts  is a must try!

We arrived too early, they open at 5, but they let us come in and sit at the bar, offering something to drink while we waited. Enjoyable! The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable… it is literally a lovely old home transformed. The staff is unique… every one bright, energetic, talented, and amiable. We have had discussions about school, lives, and travel with each in turn. Then there is the food!

The food in this little place is an absolute delight. Every flavor carefully considered and prepared. We do have our favorites. We really enjoy ordering from the small plate menu. We get to try more! Matchstick fries are extremely thin and perfectly crisp. The pizza is perfectly crisp and is covered with just the appropriate excess of melted cheese. The Brussels sprouts with brown butter and panko were amazing.

There are 2 dishes I can never pass up. One is the crispy crab filled won tons. Delicate crispy bites with two lovely dipping sauces. And – oh my goodness – the duck confit quesadilla. This decadent little treat has the tenderest duck, with fontina cheese, bacon jam, and shaved mango. Heavenly!

I know I am raving, but every flavor here is rave – worthy! Last night on the specials menu, there was butternut squash lasagna. I really wanted to taste it but we had ordered more than enough!

Here’s the thing. On quiet moments, Susan comes out of the kitchen and mingles. We chatted with her, and a few others, and I found myself with a nibbly nosh of the coveted lasagna. Oh my my!!! She makes a butternut squash paste as the …. well, you have to try it!

As she enjoyed my enjoyment of her food, I found myself with a ramekin of one more delight… a lentil and spinach dish that had the most amazing and surprising bite! WOW!  This was what she was planning to take home for her own meal, and no wonder!

Sadly, as we approached the end of the meal, there was no room for dessert. We had been warned too! The crumb cake! Save room for the crumb cake! But even Barry, who planned to, was too full! Ah well… we came home with a little ginger cake….Mmm…. I may have run out of superlatives, but I will say this: Try it. Next time you look for a great little place in the Catskills, go to Hancock and eat at the Bluestone Grill. We cannot wait to go back.

And each time we do…. we ENJOY!


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