Planning ~ Here I go again!

So I am looking at the week ahead. And I am smiling as I remember the weekend just passed. Friday evening we had a lovely dinner and visit with friends. I cooked the meal, they brought dessert. It was a peaceful and lovely night.

Saturday we got out to finish picking up a few last items for Christmas. We had an afternoon nosh at an Olive Garden. We go there on occasion for one reason: minestrone soup. Barry loves soups, and he loves theirs! So on a cold, rainy, dreary Saturday afternoon, this was a good plan. Just a note: I have made him copycat Olive Garden Minestrone and you know what!? It was delicious, but to make it just like theirs you need some 20+ ingredients. Pfft. Olive Garden it is. LOL

Sunday was a day at home, with leftover apricot chicken from Friday, which was especially fortunate because I was not feeling well. Sunday was to be a planned leftover meal where I was going to make the rest of the savory tart and fresh veggies to go with. UGH! I could barely move. I put the leftover chicken on the stove top and set it to simmer. I had a beautiful artisan bread with rosemary and olive oil… Barry had a yummy sandwich. I ate a couple of pieces of chicken. Dinner was saved.

The week promises to be busier than the weekend. My cousin Laurie is visiting New York from Virginia and I will be seeing her today. Our original plans for the day changed too, but we are meeting for lunch. I am waiting to hear from her as I write.

For dinner tonight I have beautiful steaks in the freezer.  And I have some freshness in the fridge that I haven’t used as planned. So tonight will be a medley of lovely vegetables, and potatoes for Barry. I am making mashed cauliflower. If we haven’t talked about this before, it is super simple and ever so yummy! I also have squash and zucchini I will saute with onion, and finally, fresh green beans. Mmmmm….. Dinner is served.

On Wednesday, Courtney and Kenz are coming for a couple of days on their way to New Jersey. They are coming Wednesday evening and leaving Saturday morning. This means some meal planning!! Courtney is not a meat eater so I am excited to make a favorite but also to try some new recipes I have found! Of course I will report on them later. Possibilities include a black bean and quinoa burger, vegetable and quinoa chili, and veggie lasagna.

You know I love to plan! And I love to look at recipes! So tomorrow I will share more. What are you planning for dinner this week? Time to go meet Cuz for lunch… and enjoy!!


Peek a boo Fiona

Peek a boo Fiona


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