Planned leftovers ~ Pork Tenderloin

I made that delicious pork tenderloin for dinner yesterday. It was so tender that I was able to take what was left and pull it. What do I mean? I took two forks and raked the meat. It pulls apart, when tender, and gives you pulled pork. I know, not the traditional piece of meat for this, but when I have tender leftovers and hubby loves pulled pork sandwiches, it is a perfect planned leftover.

I made the tenderloins in an Asian szechuan sauce, if you recall. And pulled pork is traditionally coated in BBQ sauce. No worries. For dinner, I will do this…

  • Take a portion of the meat that will make the desired amount for the sandwiches you wish to make.  Put this in your favorite saute pan.
  • Begin to saute and warm. The flavor slow cooked in yesterday will still make tonight’s meals fabulous. But the Asian sauce is tangy and I am looking for a little sweeter flavor tonight. So to my sauteing meat, I will drizzle some clear agave. You could also use honey or even maple syrup. Add a little, then taste. If you need to, add a little more. When the sweet balances the tangy you are done.
  • Get your favorite roll, bun, or bread and BBQ sauce ready.
  • Pile up the meat on the bun.
  • Top with your favorite BBQ sauce. I like to warm this.

Let me say that I used to heat the meat IN the BBQ sauce, but that flavor was too intense. And frankly the whole sandwich was sloppier. This way, the meat holds its robust flavor and the BBQ sauce becomes a compliment, not an overpowering bath.

A side salad with this… with homemade dressing of course, and dinner is served!

I have an appointment this afternoon, so this planned leftover meal is perfect.

What is on your menu tonight? Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Planned leftovers ~ Pork Tenderloin

  1. Tonight is beans and cornbread. I’ve not made that in quite awhile. I made them in the crockpot overnight and they smell heavenly!

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