Holiday Delights ~ Dinner and cookies!

Happy Monday all.

I have spent the majority of my day in and out of the kitchen today but I decided to stop and talk to you.

On Saturday our favorite neighbors (friends!) came to dinner, plus one who had never tasted my cooking, and we enjoyed a new recipe. I made Asiago and thyme baked fettuccine. Thank you Giada! Of course, I made changes. And as is my wont to do, I made much more than needed to have planned leftovers.

Asiago Fettuccine

Tonight I will make the smaller pan and it will be fresh and delicious. I have to add cheese and some bread crumbs to make the top perfect and crispy. The recipe is a keeper.

I also prepared a pork tenderloin. I marinated it in an Asian marinade last night, browned it in my cast iron pot, and it has been slow cooking for hours. Mmm . . .

Pork goodness

The pork will also be a planned leftover, as we will not consume all of this!

After dinner was prepared I worked on some cookies. I am not a baker. So I bake carefully. When I cook, I seldom need a recipe. When I bake I measure!

I made fruit cake cookies. Those I have made before so not so worrisome! LOL! However, I wanted to make snickerdoodles and haven’t done so in some time. While we were in Rochester for Thanksgiving, our neighbor visited Fiona and took care of her. I want to thank her with cookies. So I made a yummy batch.

snicker-doodles ready for the oven








A day of accomplishments… dinner of planned leftovers and a fresh pork tenderloin. I will add a salad and voila! The fruit cake cookies are one of hubby’s favorites and there are warm snickerdoodles fresh out of the oven. Now where are those thank you cards…



2 thoughts on “Holiday Delights ~ Dinner and cookies!

  1. That fettucine was amazing. If you’d put out the second pan on the table, we would have eaten the whole thing, foiling your plan for planned leftovers! 🙂

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