Planning ~ Never too early!

I am still in the planning stages for my holiday feast. I have made my list for grocery shopping and divided it into categories. There are several reasons for the categorization:

  • I can make sure I have everything I need. I add the items from my menu.
  • It is easier to shop from the list. If you plan and organize your shopping, you can work your way around the store and not miss anything.
  • I can look at buy ahead vs buy last minute categories. What do I mean? I have 7 containers of frozen orange juice in my freezer already. I will buy one large 96 oz. container right before the kids start coming home. And I will use frozen to refill. Last year I bought 4 large containers and it was a challenge to store (silly me). So I bought the same brand frozen that I buy refrigerated. Less space used and part of my shopping is done in advance.

In the spirit of buy ahead vs buy last minute, the produce category lets me see what I need/want but I know I can wait and take that part of the list with me later and buy it all very fresh. I need some paper goods which I will buy in bulk at Sam’s Club.

As you can see, the benefit to planning way in advance is the ability to buy everything I need, but not all at once! I buy in pieces, which is economically sound, and for me, necessary.

When the holiday comes, we enjoy every minute of having our daughters, their loved ones, and dear friends here at our home. I want to make sure they are well-fed and happy. I also want to make sure that the food is not the center of my attention. I want it to be delicious while I spend time with my loved ones.

Plan! Plan! Plan! Make delicious food and still make time to ENJOY!




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