After the turkey . . .

So I was neglectful over the Thanksgiving weekend. I apologize. But the food, fun, and family kept me quite distracted. We went to Rochester to be with Tammy and Boyfriend … and Jack and Kay. It is a place we feel welcome and can relax, and well, I guess we did!

The dinner I took was good, and appreciated by all. I can’t say it went off without a hitch. I cut my finger! Ouch! And Tammy spilled the tarragon dressing…on the floor…all of it! No use crying over spilled dressing, we made more! And it just so happened Kay has fresh tarragon. Fresh as in … wait, I will put on my coat and go cut some fresh! Yum!

The feast was a delight. Kay takes pride in a lovely table and this year was no exception. She collects beautiful glass so this enhances the food presentation. We do eat with our eyes first!

So much food you couldn’t imagine there could be left overs… 4 turkeys, stuffing, 2 kinds of potatoes, corn, green beans, broccoli, salad, cranberry sauce (three kinds)… and on and on… The company was delightful and the food delicious. You couldn’t have asked for more! There was some turkey left, but not too many sides!

We came home with a little of that turkey and that is what’s for dinner tonight. I have to run to the market after being away 4 days. So I will pick up the rest of what I need to make a mini turkey dinner, by Barry’s request. I will make turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli. Mmm…..

One of the highlights of the weekend was a trip to a Farmers’ Market on Saturday for Mike and me. We picked up limes and tangerines, enjoyed the sights and smells. We got a baguette and some focaccia bread at the bakery.

And then… we entered the cheese shop, VM Giordano Imports  For the two of us, it was like Disneyland! We sampled and purchased more cheese than you can imagine… then Boyfriend started on the meats! This little family owned shop is filled with flavor. We were there for awhile!

Several cheeses and at least three meats later, we were finally done. Having not had any breakfast or lunch that day, home we went, spread out the spoils, cut some bread, and enjoyed. I am almost embarrassed to say that gluttony ensued! LOL

All in all the weekend was wonderful. It is a joy to be included in Mike’s family. Today it is back to reality. I will run to the store for the items I need. And I have to create a meal plan for this week.

I hope that you and yours enjoyed the holiday as much as we did.  Have some leftovers tonight! And enjoy!



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