Food is Love! ~ Marking our 30th Wedding Anniversary

Thirty years ago today ~ November 21, 1982 ~ I married my best friend. Barry and I were so young and crazy in love. This was the beginning of our journey … of my journey towards a life of health and happiness.

There is a saying we have always subscribed to … Live well! Laugh often! Love much! This credo has taken us through 30 years of ups and downs. It has gotten us (and continues to do so) through the bad times, and helped us enjoy the good.

We have a wonderful family. We are proud of our girls, and their loves. In fact, my journey is, in large part, my recognition and my commitment to being here for them for a long time.

Yeah, I know… I made dinner for my own anniversary. Food is love!  We had two meals out last week, compliments of friends. We appreciate both couples, and are grateful for their recognition of this milestone in our life together.

So today we are going to be with Tammy and Boyfriend. We will miss Moose and Kenz. They are staying in Chicago this holiday. As we make the trip to Rochester we will remember the first steps to this journey 30 years ago. It is certainly a great start to a relaxing holiday weekend filled with fun, food, and family!

Have a healthy Happy Thanksgiving!


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