Thoughts of a Foodie ~ I am thankful for farmers!

Tammy and Mike have a lovely Farmer’s Market near their home in Arlington, VA. I love going with them on a Saturday morning when we are visiting. These two do their best to eat healthy and eat right. They enjoy the seasonal goodness that nature provides. They mourn the winter months when they have to supplement with grocery store purchases. If you saw their market you would empathize.

“I wish we had a market like this at home!” I say it every time I go with them. This led to a challenge from my daughter for me to explore my own county and find farm freshness in my own backyard. I have found a network of Farmer’s Markets that I follow on Facebook and go when I can. I also found a local grocery store that is employee-owned and buys produce from local farmers as much as possible.

Farmers are heroes. A person who can put seeds in the ground and make healthy delicious items grow is a marvel to me. As much as I love fresh produce, I can’t grow anything. I mean it. I don’t have a green thumb at all . . . in fact, I have a black thumb. I accidentally kill anything I try to grow. I hope that I make up for it in my use of the produce I buy.

Farming is an extraordinary commitment. Even as I say that, I know I do not fully comprehend the amount of work. We take for granted the food that we eat. But I do know we benefit from the toil and sweat of farmers. And I know that the fewer hands between the farmer and me… well, the fresher the food!

The holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is less than a week away!  Visit your local Farmers’ Market this weekend and buy some fresh ingredients for your Thanksgiving feast. Brussels sprouts are sweeter after the first frost, so they will be especially delicious! Root vegetables are in season so stock up. Get some taters!! Keep it fresh and healthy!

Have a happy healthy weekend! And enjoy!




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