Lil’ Nosh ~ Let’s Talk Carrots!

Carrots are more than the nibble food for bunnies! They are a fresh and really healthy vegetable for young and old alike! Let’s talk about helping your little ones learn about this wonderful vegetable

Carrots are a root vegetable. They come out of the ground and can grow in length from only a few inches up to about three feet. Most of the carrots we see in the produce aisle of the grocery store are about a foot long. Take a child to a Farmers’ Market and challenge them to find the smallest carrots and the largest.

Carrots have wonderful health benefits, but improving vision is a myth! So don’t tell kids to eat their carrots or they will have to wear glasses! 😉  They do have a high nutritional value and are wonderful for heart health and colon health.

I think the best FUN FACT about carrots is that they come in a variety of colors. In my store there are only orange ones, sadly. However, carrots come in purple, yellow, white, and red as well!

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If you are fortunate to live in a place where these treats are easy to find, be sure to have them on hand to show kids. Peel and taste them to see if they are different in flavor!!

Raw carrots are fresh and crunchy. They are mild in flavor and are often eaten with some sort of creamy dip. When cooked, carrots become soft. When roasted, they are perfect and delicious; they are creamy inside and a little crispy outside. This is my favorite way to eat them.

Now, if you are like my husband, carrots are not a favorite. Knowing they are healthy for him, I include them in recipes to make them tastier to eat. They are perfect chopped into soups. They make a yummy creamy soup of their own when cooked and pureed.

I have one yummy recipe that can be made with children and is sure to please. I have made this salad for picnics and barbecues and it is universally one that people ask for the recipe. And then I have to laugh. Then I tell them the ‘recipe’ and they laugh.


You will need:

  • carrots
  • raisins
  • mayonnaise

Shred the carrots. Toss in some raisins. Put a dollop of mayonnaise on and stir. Eat!

The amounts are up to you. As long as I am shredding I usually do a pound bag. Watch little fingers. The grown up should do the shredding. If you have a food processor with a shredding attachment you could use that.

The amount of raisins is also up to you. And then the mayonnaise… go very lightly. Pasta and potatoes will sop up dressing in the fridge and you will end up adding more. But carrots are hard and do not absorb the dressing. In fact, if you use too much mayo it will just be sloppy and not taste good. So go gently.

Let me reiterate that my husband does not like raw carrots and really does not like mayonnaise! There is something about this combination that is wonderful.

So teach a Lil’ about carrots. Make some carrot salad. And as always… enjoy!


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