Halloween ~ Thoughts in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy…

So I am watching the aftermath reports and thinking about the fact that today is Halloween. I am seeing questions posed on Facebook walls about trick-or-treating. . . Is it on? Is it cancelled? postponed?? When you see the devastation it is hard to think about the lighter things…but I submit this. The normalcy will help the children.

Further, I offer this thought. In the spirit of Halloween… a time of sharing sweets and treats… rather than waiting for someone to come knock on your door, go knock on theirs. Offer help, support, or a warm meal.

We were delighted last evening to have friends join us for a meal. Mark and Wayne decided to escape the city and come to the Catskills where the conditions are more amenable. We enjoyed a hot meal in a casual way and caught up on the experience that they had in the city, where the night before they were playing backgammon by candlelight and listening to a crank radio!

Today is usually a day for children, but do you have a neighbor who is elderly? Knock on that door and check on him or her. Bring a bottle of water or some food. See if they need anything.

When the girls were little, Halloween was a night when I always made the same meal, spaghetti. Why? It was easy, and forgiving in its readiness. So I could make a pot of sauce and it would be warm and ready to go at any point in the activities when hunger overtook enthusiasm. I feel like I should make spaghetti today…

Be safe. Be well.


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