Flavors on the Go ~ Trail Mix

Long ago and far away, it seems to me now, my girls were little and I was running ragged. I was working full time and doing graduate work at night. I worked toward and achieved my Masters in education. Then I decided to pursue a Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in educational administration. The insanity of my life at that time was something I look back on and think, No way would I survive that now!

The worst part of that time in my life was my terrible, horrible eating habits. I already have admitted to being a carb addict, but this part of my journey was the worst. I would often eat out of sheer exhaustion!  The college where I achieved both of those degrees is about an hour and a half from my home. Teaching all day, driving to class, and then coming home late in the evening, I was a blur of tired. There was sadly a fast food restaurant (or two) on the way home and I was a regular. My excuse was that I deserved it and that the food was the fuel that kept me going.

Fast food is a thing of the past. A rare drive-thru on a long trip allows Barry is occasional treat of fries and I may get a diet soda, but I really don’t even drink soda much these days. Now when we are on the road, or when the girls travel back and forth, I plan flavors to go that are tastier and easier on the waist!

The first food-to-go change was trail mix. When we traveled, Barry would often buy a bag of trail mix on a gas station stop. Then he started asking for trail mix at home. After buying several mixes and having him pick out the parts he liked, I finally asked him to tell me what the perfect trail mix would be!

For Barry it is a lot of peanuts, craisins (dried cranberries in lieu of raisins), some cashews (optional), and M&M candies. He couldn’t get enough when I started making it to HIS taste! I would mix and store in a large container at home, but this mix became easy travel food in a zipper top bag. It is a keeper in our home.




You might like to put different items in your perfect trail mix. I would put almonds in mine, first and foremost! These crunchy delights are nutritious http://www.nutsforalmonds.com/nutrition.htm and have a protein punch that will curb the appetite and prevent a side trip through fast food temptation.  You may also try dried fruits. There are so many that are easily available in your grocery store and healthier than candy.

There are many great ideas for foods that are healthy and travel well. We will continue to explore these. For today, go buy some tasty, crunchy, and nutritious snacks and make your own trail mix. Then pack it in smaller baggies or containers so you can grab it on the go. Planned snacks, like planned leftovers will help you stay on track!

Have a happy, healthy day! Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Flavors on the Go ~ Trail Mix

  1. I love trail mix. I have made my own from time to time and love it! I love putting oat bran sesame sticks in mine.

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