Flavors of Fall ~ Cauliflower

I was never a fan of cauliflower. I mean, it is a boring vegetable, right? Then Boyfriend made mashed cauliflower and suddenly I couldn’t get enough!  You know I am a carb addict, so finding a substitute for mashed potatoes was perfect!

Last Christmas we had a lovely lamb dinner and on the side we had garlic & dill potatoes, green beans, and mashed cauliflower. Poor Barry was confused about why we were having two potatoes. At first we looked at one another as if to say, “Ok, who is going to tell him?” When I did he was amazed.

So yesterday I made planned leftovers because today I am heading about two hours north for an interview. I won’t be home until probably 6:30 – 7:00 this evening, but dinner is already prepared. Barry will have a bowl of beef barley soup. I will have chicken with a tapenade I purchased at Trader Joe’s (yum!) and mashed cauliflower. Everything is made, and it only needs to be reheated and dinner is served!

If you haven’t tried mashed cauliflower you are in for a treat. And it couldn’t possibly be easier! Ready?

Rinse the cauliflower. Cut out the core and cut up the florets.

Put the florets in a pot and cover with cold water. Really, this is too simple, right?

Bring the florets to a boil, lower to a medium heat, and cook until the cauliflower is soft. For me, 18 minutes does it. You be the judge for you!

Drain the cauliflower and prepare to do the mashing. I use my Ninja to puree them, but you can drain the water and use an immersion blender, or put them in a food processor.

So, add salt and pepper and a bit of butter. That’s all you need to make a delicious side dish that is nutritious as well.

If you want to add other flavors, by all means do so. Boyfriend puts one potato in the pot. The starchiness gives the mash a different and thicker consistency that Barry prefers. You have to taste a little, and see if you want to add other seasonings.  Garlic and dill would work in this, as it does in potatoes. And though I resist, it is awesome with cheese. My friend Anne recently posted a recipe she made and loved from AllRecipes.com http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Smashed-Cauliflower/Detail.aspx?prop24=etaf.

Whether you are a purist like me, or go for the cheese, you have to try this easy and flavorful way to eat cauliflower.

Go make some cauliflower mash! And as always . . . enjoy!


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