Using leftovers ~ A broccoli treat!

So the week is at end and I am pleased to have used my freshness well. There is still a little soup left and that will get frozen for another day. Despite best intentions, I did not steam the broccoli so instead I made a decadent salad. I know, some people want a sweet dessert for a treat. Not me. Give me something with bacon and cheese. I know, I know. Awful ~ but every now and then…

So here is the broccoli salad I made. Hubby loves it, and I hadn’t made it in a long time so it was a nice side dish to our dinner last night.

Broccoli: use only the florets and cut them in nice small bites.

Now add

  • Shredded cheese ~ Barry likes cheddar, but mozzarella, Monterey jack, or any mild cheese will be great too. (What! No fontina!? Yes, you could. This is Barry’s treat and he likes cheddar.)
  • Bacon ~ crispy and crumbled!
  • Chopped red onion
  • Mayonnaise

Mix it up and voila! You have a tasty salad.

It is delicious and truly needs no salt because of the cheese and bacon. You might add a little pepper, but honestly, this delight needs nothing but the simple list. As far as amounts, you be the judge. Add a little, taste a little, and then add a little more! Your salad should be all about which ingredients you like best.

So try this yummy treat. Have a fresh and healthy weekend. And when you go to the market, pick up a head of cauliflower. We are going to talk about those next week!!

See you here on Monday! Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Using leftovers ~ A broccoli treat!

  1. OMGosh! I am sooooooo in love with that salad and I’ve not even tasted it yet! What’s not to love about it??? I’m drooling just looking at it! I now have a new go-to salad!

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