Waste not! Using your reserves . . . and planned leftovers!

After a weekend away I had to stop and assess my food stocks. Time to go look at the fridge, pantry, and food racks and see what was neglected. Sometimes we buy with all good intentions and then life has other plans. And as we left for the Boston wedding weekend, Courtney and Mackenzie spent a night at our house, so they ate some good food too.

Waste not people! I look at my baskets and have 2 vine tomatoes, red potatoes, onions, and … ahem … a small butternut squash. In the fridge I still have a romaine heart, one Belgian endive, carrots, a green pepper, a red pepper and broccoli. (I guess the girls ate the Brussels sprouts.) What is for dinner tonight?

I had to go to the store and get deli meat to pack Barry’s lunch yesterday (yes, I pack my hubby’s lunch) and while there I grabbed some ground beef and chicken breasts on sale. So now for the dinner plans.

Here goes:
For Barry ~ stuffed peppers . . . I will use the ground beef and the peppers. He will have one tonight and a planned leftover for tomorrow.
For me ~ pan prepared chicken breast, making enough for a planned leftover for tomorrow

For both of us ~ a small side salad using the romaine heart, the endive, and the tomato.

Then as a warm side ~ roasted potatoes, onions, butternut squash and carrots. And I will likely steam the broccoli…but I will save it for tomorrow as it is fresher than the others. . . planned leftover.

So many good veggies, and each of us enjoying something good.

So folks, do yourself a favor. Go shopping in your own kitchen and pantry. Use the fresh goodness there and plan some leftovers too.

Eat fresh! And enjoy!

Mmmm……time to Nosh!


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