An international wedding, with comfort food flair . . .

We spent the weekend at a family wedding. It was an amazing event. The church was beautiful, the bride was stunning, the groom handsome in his tux, and the reception planned by the bride herself. The reception hall was designed in red, white, and blue. The groom’s family came from Serbia, Bosnia, and Vietnam. The bride’s from all points USA and many from Norway!

And then there was THE FOOD!

My new cousin, Srdjan, is Serbian; and his mother did the cooking. Oh my word, the savory flavors. Fabulous! There were so many delicious dishes (and when the wedding is further behind us I will be begging for recipes) and in copious amounts. Flaky spinach pastry and flavorful cabbage rolls were among the tasty offerings.  As we said goodbye to mom (and chef) she tried to make us take food with us… and oh that we could have! (*sigh*) She is talented and charming!

My cousin Faith, the bride, is Norwegian on her mom’s side. There were many lovely family members who came such a long way to be there. The Norwegians were in charming native garb. I was enthralled. The wedding cake was a traditional almond kranse kakke. I can’t begin to find words for this delight! And shortly, I will be asking Aunt Tove ~ AKA mother of the bride ~ for the recipe!

I will not pretend to tell you that I did not overindulge to a point. But in my own defense, my indulgences were such good choices. The food was amazing. As we traveled to Boston and back, we were careful to do our usual practice of ordering healthy meals and sharing. So when we stopped for dinner, it was a salad and a warm chicken dish, and an extra plate, if you please. The hotel had a hot breakfast, so eggs fixed several ways were available for a protein boost for the day. So many hotels only serve up a platter of carbs, so this was refreshing.

On the road, there was something that truly charmed me. We stopped at a couple of rest stops in Massachusetts. There were actually farm markets set up right there. They had lovely produce. What a great idea!

So how did you do this holiday weekend? Did you go to seeking farm fresh produce? Did you stick to your guns?

Have a happy, healthy, and safe Columbus Day!



One thought on “An international wedding, with comfort food flair . . .

  1. Forest Festival weekend…I was bad! I ate half a “steak sandwich” with the works (which was more of a burger), half an italian sausage roll with onions and peppers, and a first for the Forest Festival…chocolate covered bacon! Yes, I was a bad girl over the weekend!

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