Have a happy and healthy weekend!

So today I remind you….buy fresh! eat fresh! The weekend is coming and there are Farmers’ Markets everywhere! If you are a fan, you are already going to your favorite. If you haven’t been, find a local event and check it out. I keep track of them on social media. There is a Facebook page for my county and there is even a new one this weekend.

If you are like me and have big plans this weekend (We have a family wedding to attend.) take your pledge to eat fresh and do your best to stick to it. I think one of the craziest things to me is the mentality of – “I am going to start a diet tomorrow so I am going to eat what I want tonight.” or “I eat fresh most of the time, so I can eat junk food this weekend.” Don’t do it! Stick to your guns. A healthy lifestyle is a commitment. And the investment is for the best of reasons ~ YOU!

So my friends, I have to go. There is a lot to do. Courtney and Kenz are home from Chicago. We are picking Tammy and Mike up from the airport tonight. The weekend promises to be a ton of fun! I will report back to you how I managed to stick to my guns.

Go to a Farmers’ Market. Tell me about it. Have a great weekend. See you back here on Monday!



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