Let’s Talk Frittatas!!

Mommalettes! This was the answer to “What do you want for breakfast?” at the holidays in the Greynolds Home. And I would be in the kitchen making Mommalettes to order while the family was eating. By the time I had mine ready, because I was last, the others were mostly done. I enjoyed the moans of “Oh, I am so full!” and the comparing of ‘food babies’ but I did not enjoy eating alone. I love to cook and I love to watch others enjoy my food.

Last year I explored yummy breakfast foods that everyone could enjoy and that I could enjoy at the same time. I made frittatas. These are basically omelette pies. The one pan wonders allowed me to eat with the family. The problem is that, though I set up my Mommalette station and every one was made to order, I could not do this with a single pan frittata.

I bought two pie pans and would made two different frittatas at a time so the gang had a choice.  I baked them in the oven. No fancy flipping for me. This was a wonderful step forward. Then I saw one of my Food Network favorites, Rachael Ray, make mini frittatas in muffin tins! What a great idea!

I have regular sized muffin tins, but decided to go buy extra large muffin tins so each person could have their own lovely personal frittata. Score! I have tried many different frittata ingredients now, but there are certain staples I always go back to: peppers, onions, tomatoes, and cheese. Barry likes ham and cheddar or Swiss cheese in his. Each of the girls and their +1s like different combinations. So the ‘station’ gets set up with the following:

  • peppers
  • onions
  • tomatoes
  • black olives
  • ham
  • bacon
  • fontina
  • cheddar
  • swiss

Each can choose their own favorites, then the egg is poured in over the top. My extra large pans have six sections. I do two of those pans. There are eight of us, so there is room for hungry folk to have two!

I made a pan this morning so let me show you how:

Prepare the ingredients you wish to add to your frittatas. Today I used green pepper, tomato, onion, and fontina cheese.

(Really, did you think I would use another cheese?)

Now that the delicious ingredients are ready, it is time for the eggs. For six extra large muffin tin frittatas I use ten eggs.

Time to add the salt and pepper. I also add a sprinkle of paprika and a healthy amount of dill.

You are eating yours, so add the flavors you like. If I were making spinach and feta, I would add basil. If I added mozzarella and tomato, there would be oregano in the egg. Remember to make it your own!

So I have my 10 eggs, pinch of salt, ground black pepper, paprika, dill, and now I add a splash of cream and whisk.

I have prepared the muffin tin with Crisco canola oil spray, but you can use whatever butter, spray, or shortening you like. Make sure that you do prepare the pan so the little frittatas come out easily. Now add your ingredients. I actually put everything in all six trays because I will eat one and put the others in the fridge to reheat for other meals. For just me that is great, but for a crowd, this is where choice comes in.


Now pour the egg over the goodness . . .

Ready for the oven. Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes. Remember that your oven and mine may not bake exactly alike so it is important to check and adjust. I checked them at 30 minutes, and then again at 36.

Another minute to get the top the way I like it and I was good to go.

So … before!

And after!

I make no apology for my frittatas spilling over. I add a good amount of the fill ingredients.

If you are worried about spillage, put a little less egg over top. Or just put a cookie sheet under it.


These little gems are delicious any day but add a table of brunch goodies and you get to sit and enjoy the family meal and everyone gets their favorites. I like sour cream with mine, just like an omelette.

Once you have tried this, be creative! Frittatas are good for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Play with the ingredients you love and the herbs and spices that make your palate dance. And here is a big tip: use leftovers in the frittatas! Roasted vegetables, meats, cheeses, potatoes, or yesterday’s quinoa all are delicious with these eggy treats. If you don’t have extra large muffin pans, use regular muffin tins, or pie pans.

I have encouraged my busy cousin to make these yummy treats on Sunday afternoon, when life is relaxed, and pull them out on busy mornings to ‘zap’ quickly in the microwave for a warm and hearty breakfast or lunch. There are so many variations on frittatas – both large and muffin sized – that there is one out there that will be yummy for you and easy to make!

Here are a few suggestions:

Try making these little delights. Enjoy being creative! Eat them for any meal, or make mini frittatas for a party. They are easy, tasty, healthy, and can easily be made carb free and vegetarian.

I need to go put these away for later…

Let me know how you make out this weekend. Share your tips and recipes!

See you back here on Monday!



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