Salsa has become a staple in our home. I make a fresh and delicious homemade concoction. It goes in the fridge to marry and then gets used atop an omelette for breakfast, a fajita for lunch, or a chicken breast and cheese for dinner. The same delicious blend of veggie goodness can sit on ciabatta toast and become bruschetta. Toss some over pasta and you have a warm and satisfying dish!

I can’t think of a better way to get my vegetables. Tomatoes, red onion, peppers (optional actually) and a blend of seasonings, herbs and spices make a delicious food that is so versatile.  Once made, adding mango makes a sweet salsa.  If you love avocados like I do, smash an avocado (or two!) and add a couple of spoonfuls of your yummy salsa in for guacamole. Mmmmmmm!


4 thoughts on “Salsa

  1. I bet that if you start adding links and having sources here, you’ll have followers before you know it! Know what I mean? Like, source a recipe or two and tell how you built on it. Or tell a story behind why you are making the recipe.. like the DORITO SALAD from college :o)

    Daughter #2 ❤

    • Agreed! Link recipes, not everyone is awesome and can get the right proportions without a recipe to follow 😉 And ditto on the stories…I bet if you do a personal spin on the stories or just personal life stories about a certain dish, why you got into cooking so much, etc would give this a “Julie and Julia” spin to it! ❤ surrogate daughter from NJ

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